Sunday, June 05, 2005

That's Mr. DeWine, If You're Nasty

Are there nothing but Children in the Anderson Township Republican Club?
DeWine was booed soundly by the crowd in Anderson Township Wednesday night, and walked away from the GOP club's candidate forum with a rating of "not qualified at this time'' while club members voted McEwen "highly qualified.''
People who all surely voted for Pat DeWine for County Commissioner and who agree with the guy on most issues was booed? This is like Junior High.

A mud slinging fest means to me that this race is tight. Polling is likely difficult because of the regional activist bias that seems to be sprouting up where one local group, like in Anderson Township, have on the surface a group think tone, if not actual consensus. At this point I don't see a clear favorite, but Brinkman is not getting ink, so either he is saving up for a late charge with a big media blitz or it comes down to McEwen and DeWine, with the others being the difference in who wins.


  1. Tom Brinkman is DA MAN!

  2. Yes. Tom is the man, but if you don't want to be considered as inarticulate as the former Cincinnati City Councilman, running on his father's influence, you will use correct English.


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