Sunday, September 01, 2002

Football game ends with attack
Another bunch of thugs who need to be arrested. Gee, I am saying this without knowing what their race(s) were! How about that! I can form an opinion without assuming what a person's race was. Yea for me! I will be waiting to hear on the talk shows how this event pans out vs. the aftermath of the Black Family Reunion. The race of these punk kids will define which radio station, WLW or WDBZ, devotes more time to this topic. I wish it would not, but it will.

I would raise one issue about the Enquirer printing this story. When a group of people in Over-the-Rhine attacked a motorist on Vine Street and started a mini-riot, it took Peter Bronson to report the story in his column. This story got not only newspaper space, it made at least WLWT-NBC yesterday. I again do not know the races of the kids involved, but does that have anything to do with the level of coverage this story has gotten? I do not mean the coverage because they have been black, I mean because they have been white.

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