Thursday, July 06, 2006

Uh, Bias, Hello??????

I took grief from commenters, who included some employees of Gannett I am fairly sure, about my strong contention that the Enquirer (editors mostly) has a huge bias against the city in favor of a suburbanite culture. Well, I present to you Exibit C for the prosecution. Why is this part included in what starts as a puff piece profile of the West Chester Area?
Others say people are coming here because it's not Cincinnati, which is losing people faster than any other big city in the nation, according to the U.S. Census.

"Who is his right mind would live in Cincinnati?" says Charlie Chappell, one of the original landowners of the Union Centre Boulevard area and president of West Chester 75 Inc., a group of investors who put up land for the interchange.

"We have better schools," he said. "We are more civilized. We have less crime."

But at the same time, township officials say they are not trying to steal business or residents from Cincinnati or Dayton.
Well what ever township official said they are not trying to steal business or residents from Cincinnati or Dayton was in my opinion lying their ass off. This reads like a West Chester Chamber of commerce propaganda piece. Where's discussion of sprawl? Where's the discussion of the McMansion homes and stale 'lifestyle centers' so championed as "newness" but from an honest perspective is responsible for more destruction of distinct American Culture than any other force today. The national homogenization of America is the single most destructive force for innovation of ideas and life in America, and that effort is crystallized in what suburbs have become, especially here in the Cincinnati Area.

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