Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Looking for logic in all the wrong places

In an amazing show of small mindedness, Larry Gross returns to defend his judgment that Downtown sucks because businesses sometimes close, his lumping of everything into a blender, and his ignorance of the huge development going in downtown—even bringing up a bakery that has been closed for going on 2 years. Somehow he thinks that this all ties into a nice bow to fit what I think is his disdain for change and success in the city.
Larry is living in the past, as he laments for the old institutions from his younger days. If you want things to be consistent, that is why people go to places like Camp Washington Chile. But, wait, does Larry boycott the "new" Camp Washington Chile? It just isn't the same for purists. For some reason, I think Larry sees the turnover of businesses as a sign of the apocalypse. Where was Larry when Fat Fish Blue, the I-Max, Empire, the Bamboo Club, the Bear Factory, and UpStarCrow closed in Newport? Oh, right in his original 2004 article he was writing this:
"Fuck it!" Roger says, yelling into the receiver. "Let's just go to Newport on the Levee."

"Now you're talking."
, but I am sure he thanks Zeus that most of those locations opened up again as something else, but his laments of those changes were lost in cyberspace. It just can't be the case that he didn't pay attention to the change in Newport. It is not like he paid attention to the changes of locations he complained where now gone: The Cavern closed to become alchemize and will rise again for Midpoint, Moose is now Cooper's, Have a Nice Day is Exchange, Manna's is Gondola Pizza, and oh yea, Nick & Tony's is now McFadden's, probably the most successful of all. Sorry that Busken's can't get its act together, but I don't fret that, when I instead can look forward to the new restaurants going in on Fountain Square. Is this a trend? Who knows? As long as you think its going to sucks, then to you, its going to suck, no matter what. If you want same thing over and over again, I think you may want to move out to the suburbs, where consistency is not only the norm, it is the desired above everything but the mundane.

This is how capitalism works, Larry. I don't know if you cried your eyes out when Pogue's closed down or if you cried more when Lazarus went bye-bye and moved a couple of blocks over, but thus is life. In your attempt to give us an "I told you so," you have instead provided the rest of us with an example of not doing your research.

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