Saturday, July 08, 2006

NuTone Closing Local Plant

Over 400 jobs will be leaving the region up word of NuTone Co. closing its doors. This closure has some earmarks of a plateauing company, where contraction is the only means of survival.

More from the Business Courier.


  1. This has been coming for years and the employees at NuTone knew that each and everytime a new owner had taken the reins. I left NuTone in 1992 but while I was there I met several people that enjoyed their jobs and now I hope that Cincinnati will be kind to an old bussiness that has finally got caught in the mean bussiness of unions. There was a time for them but now they are used to help people to be greedy. America is suffering because of them now, especially if you look around at all the other bussiness that are trying to survive without going broke. Let the doors close but do it with respect for the City and the Corbett family.

  2. nutone was a good company in the years when corbett own it, but these last five years they treated people really bad at this plant in cincinnati, they do not want to mention that, they tryed thier best to get rid of the people by letting them go, say if you had a heart attact and had to be rush to the hospital you would get a red mark for that , 6 red marks and you are s.o.l. so its by by nutone and hope they do not make it in poland and other places, there are some of us are glad they are closing and there are some no matter how they were treated wanted too stay there, get a life there are better jobs out there. some need to get there education. even burger would be better than nutone....


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