Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Pot, a Kettle, and a Can of Black Paint Walk Into an Editor's Office

It appears that the editorial page of the Enquirer is thinking that if they point the fingers at all of the other media outlets and include themselves in the finger pointing ever so slightly, they can retain the high ground of ethics in the modern world of media.

I shall point out them that their newspaper does plenty of harm to the intellectual discourse in the Cincinnati area. As a commenter pointed out, to which I agree, that with this editorial I would expect to see Peter Bronson looking for work.

I might also expect to see far fewer anti-city diatribes, and more fair news articles.

I mean we get a great a tiny story about Midpoint in today's paper, but when we get bad news about the city (as opposed to the Suburbs), its front page news.

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