Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fountain Square Delayed

What this article alludes to, but fails to come out and say is that Fountain Square will open over a month late.

What is so strange is that just a week ago the Business Courier reported this:
Fountain Square parkers take heart: The renovation remains on schedule and on budget, and planners expect to reopen the plaza and garage Sept. 9.
How is this going to hurt Oktoberfest? Where will the events normally held on Fountain Square during Oktoberfest take place?

Being a month behind is not that bad for any type of project for this side, but in this case the appearance hurts and it looks like someone at 3CDC is either not in touch with the rebuilding efforts, or someone is spinning things. Yea, the latter.

The lead of today's story should have been that the Fountain Square Project is now behind schedule. That fact is not mentioned until after the jump to a later page, and it is not actually stated in a direct manner. The rest of the article is mostly old news rehashed into a massive front page story used to mask the bad news that Oktoberfest may be getting the shaft.

I am very optimistic about Fountain Square in general, but I don't see this as a positive sign. Nice job at manipulating the media, though. Not that they weren't willing, however.

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  1. Amusing that they're going to point the fountain statue facing south when they re-install it. Oh look, she'd rather be at Newport on the Levee, too!


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