Friday, July 21, 2006

Mallory's 'YP Kitchen Cabinet'

I am interested in the Mayor's idea of a 'YP Kitchen Cabinet', but I am very concerned about who is included on the Cabinet. Lumping this into Bold Fusion is the wrong approach. The Mayor should not limit this to the Chamber's corporate crowd. He should expand its reach and break out of the YP mold that is incasing the Cincinnati scene like a dish of bad jell-o.

Yes, I say this as the President of a group, Cincinnati Advance, that is considered a YP group. What I think the Mayor needs to be sure to do is include a wide variety of YP organizations, not just the usual suspects, and not just the corporate/upper income 28 to 35 year olds. A start would be to change Bold Fusion to a weekend event that doesn't cost more than going to a Reds Game.

Why be more inclusive/diverse? Well, frankly because most of the YP groups are lead by the same people. There is a very obvious insulation problem in the YP scene in town and Bold Fusion leads, in part, to that insulation.

I hope this concept leads to something more than just talking about what needs to be done to make this city a better place. Instead I look for this group to be a place to gain help for ACTION from the Mayor and the City.

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