Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anecdotal Suburban Ignorance

So I am eating lunch today at Panera in Mason. I overhear the conversation of a couple of women at the table behind me. One relays a story to the other about one time when she was driving on I-71. It was around Halloween and she got off at Dana Avenue Exit. She was so scared of driving in the area that she gunned it off the exit, running the red light. She said something about seeing a man walking along the road with a mask. It was, you know, Halloween and all.

This woman is in her early 30s and appears to me to be the poster child for the ignorance of the City. To think she was scared at exiting the Dana Avenue exit is laughable. She is but one person, who came across as an ex-sorority girl, but is her knee jerk unfounded fear of being on Dana Avenue indicative of people in Mason or West Chester? Are they foolish enough to equate Dana Avenue, which turns into Observatory about couple blocks from I-71, with a bad section of town? I would laugh my ass off if this woman was dropped off at 12th and Vine and told to walk to Fountain Square. She would likely just start screaming at the first sight of someone 'scary' looking, likely not even wearing a mask.

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