Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Change in Defense

Howard Beatty, the alleged murder of Kabaka Oba, and his lawyer, Ken Lawson, have changed tracks in what according to the information presented in the article is a tough case to defend. The article reports specifically that shooting of Oba was on video tape:
Prosecutors have a key piece of evidence from a video surveillance camera, which shows Oba walking to his car parked along Plum Street. Beatty is seen pulling up alongside, getting out of his car, walking over to Oba, firing several shots, getting back into his car and driving away.
Based on that alone, there is no doubt that Howard Beatty fired the shots. The rest seems like it is a major reach. For every person Lawson drags out to claim Oba was threatening Beatty, the Prosecutor will likely match with someone showing Beatty's aggression. The best Beatty can hope for is a conviction on a less crime.

This is going to be something of a show trial, with the cast of thousands being either witnesses or in the audience. It starts tomorrow, so look for some post Fourth of July fireworks.

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