Friday, July 21, 2006

The Enqurier At Least Tried

In general I think this Enquirer article tried to be fair to the atheist and agnostic kids at Camp Quest, but they fail intellectually in the second paragraph:
This week, 31 atheist and agnostic youths from Ohio, Kentucky, New York and other states have gathered in Butler County for Camp Quest, one of a handful of summer camps nationwide where children are taught there is no God.
I added the bold to illustrate the intellectual problem, agnostics do not hold the belief there is no "God." Agnostics lack the knowledge that there is or isn't a "God" or gods or other supernatural entity. To the uneducated or the belligerent, there is not a difference, but the difference is quite clear. To make it even simpler, agnostics just don't know.

The second problem is that I really, really doubt that Camp Quest teaches the children there is no "God" and when that was written it was intended to be the Christian "God." The kids are more likely taught, as the article does suggest later on, to seek rational ideas and concepts based on critical thinking and empirical reasoning. They likely are taught to not to hold equivocal beliefs based on emotional rationalization alone, but instead use science, logic, and objectivity to guide their choices in life.

If everyone used this way of thinking, at least a little bit, we would have a society and a world with far less strife than we have now.

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