Saturday, July 08, 2006

Personal Grudge or Hate Crime?

The Enquirer sums up the incidents at a Jordanian family owned business:
"May 20-21: Someone threw a beer bottle containing a flammable liquid at the side window, burning the outside of the window and cracking it.

June 11-12: Someone threw a piece of concrete through a side door, then tossed in a Molotov cocktail, igniting a fire inside the restaurant.

July 5-6: Someone broke in through a window and set the store on fire."
The article states that police have no suspects. If there were a personal grudge, it logically follows that the victims might have an idea of who they may have pissed off. That then points to a hate crime.

What is amazing is that this has been going on for some time, and didn't get the attention of the media. That might have been the family's choice, but it is funny how things can go under the radar for so long and not get any notice.

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