Sunday, July 16, 2006

Final Fridays in Oakley?

I like Oakley, but what gives with the moochin'?

Would someone maybe think to check around for what else is happening in the arts world on every Final Friday?

Not very nice.


  1. I've been a resident of Oakley/East Hyde Park for 30 years and love to see all of the great things happening here. I'd also love to participate in the events. What upsets me is this: I make a living as an artist and have had a studio at The Pendleton Art Center in Over the Rhine for the past 14 years and am part of a cooperative gallery downtown. All of us in the arts in downtown Cincinnati have worked tiredlessly against many odds to revive the energy of our suffering city. It's taken years and we need all the support from our fellow Cincinnatians as we can get. There are 3 other Fridays in the month. WHY can't we all help each other instead of compete. It does not do anyone and our businesses any favors.
    I implore the bussiness association of Oakley to reconsider moving their Friday happenings to another Friday so we can all be there. Thank you.

  2. yes there are three other fridays... but there are also three other events...

    You can't please all the people all the time.

    The events are different and will attract different people, there really aren't any "galleries" in that part of oakley.

    If yOU google Final Friday, it's done ALL OVER THE NATION... and multiples here in the greater cincinnati area.


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