Thursday, July 13, 2006

Save WAIF!

Joe Wessels is helping spearhead an effort to save WAIF-FM from its demise. Current leadership there are driving the station into the ground in what appears to be a few nutcases running the organization with mostly insane methods.

How can you help? Become a member and earn a vote! Then help vote out the board leadership!

Act now! you need to register before August 1st. Then vote on September 17th.

In all likelihood the current WAIF board is going to try to block this take over attempt, so we need tons of people!

Why do you care? Well, community radio is a way to keep culture alive in Cincinnati. The commercial radio stations are not out to preserve music and provoke ideas, they are out to make you listen to commercials surrounded by the popular music that often just sucks more than silence.

Its $15 to be a member. It ain't cheap, but it won't break anyone.

Join Online!

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