Friday, October 22, 2004

Steve Fritsch's Cheap Tricks

Just so you know that when Steve Fritsch wrote a column attacking Todd Portune he was "not" trying to make a back hand claim that Todd Portune is faking his injury to gain political votes. Steve is "not" using double talk:
Again, I'm not claiming that Portune still doesn't need his wheelchair. I don't know if he really needs it or not. But coming from a man who is as deceitful as Portune is, a man who personifies "politician" in its negative connation, it wouldn't surprise me if he was using it for political gain.
Steve surely is "not" bring up the issue of Portune faking his need for a wheelchair by saying it is possible but he doesn't know.

It is possible, I don't know mind you, that since Tom Brinkman voted against ratifying the 14th Amendment he is a theocratic racist. It is possible with his prior stances on religious issues. Hey, I don't know either way. I really don't have any insight into man at all. I just have to point out that it is possible and would in no way surprise me.

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