Friday, October 08, 2004

Deters vs. Rucker Is Back On

Their debate scheduled for a downtown church this past Wednesday was canceled for unknown reasons, but the Business Courier is reporting a debate will take place between the two write in candidates for County Prosecutor at Xavier University on Oct. 12. The article states no tickets are needed for the Cintas center event, but the time is not listed. I think the time is a rather important element to getting an audience to show up.

Deters does have a campaign website and just opened his HQ this week. Rucker is going to have a website, but is is not up and running yet. They both are using a similar web site name. Will both be using the pencil as the campaign handout? A friend brought that up as a great tool, have "Fanon Ruck for Hamilton County Prosecutor" written on the pencil. I don't know if pens are allowed or if they are cheaper.

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