Saturday, October 16, 2004

GOP Pulls Strings: Rock the Vote Out Kicked Out of Library

Deliaan A. Gettler GOP party member and delegate to the GOP National Convention got a bee in her bonnet and got the Library to pull out at the last minute from a Rock the Vote Event they were hosting.

Deliann Gettler is a GOP Contributor of over $5,000 to various GOP Candidates and the various levels of the Party.

It amazes me that one person can pull strings and do this. What a spineless Library we have, or either one with a bunch of Republican. Well, a majority of them have given to GOP candidates.

I am rather pissed at the library. I was sent a press release just a week ago Friday directly from Phyllis Hegner Assistant Manager, Public Relations of the CPL asking me to promote this event. I did so gladly with a full understanding that this group was a non-partisan group, which it is.

From now on I shall make sure that I check up on any all groups who hold events at the public library. Anyone that even has the appearance of being partisan, should be banned from using the libraries facility.

I wonder what people like Deliaan A. Gettler would do if she found a partisan book in the library. Where there's smoke, there's often fire.

more from WLWT, Miami Hearld, and WCPO.

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