Saturday, October 16, 2004

GOP Jack Booted Thuggery in Cincinnati

A Kerry Sign damaged a Second Time on Beechmont Avenue

This type of thing is happening everywhere in the county. Both sides are doing it. I just have to ask the GOP jerks who did this: are you proud of yourselves? I would ask secondly did anyone in the party ask you to do it, like maybe a friend of your parents who also happens to be a local party hack? I am assuming this was done by high schoolers. It might have been college kids, but we are not in a big college area, so I narrowed my guess a bit.

What I wonder most though about Republicans who have seen this sign as they drive home to Anderson Township everyday. What will they be thinking the first time they notice the sign was knocked down? Will they smile, maybe laugh a little? Some might, but some might feel ashamed. Some might want to even say it was done by the Democrats just for attention. Most will not like it if you ask them publicly, but not care enough to do anything about it.

What makes me sick about this one in particular is that it happened near to where I live, so I take it personally. Also, this sign was replaced because the first one was also damaged. It was about the same size but made of a poster like material, not extremely sturdy. The replacement was a solid wood sign with metal posts holding it up. This was not damaged by someone just running by and knocking it down. The thugs stopped and literally stomped this sign down under their boots.

People will chime on here and presumably say this was no big deal or just some dumb kids. Well, that might be true, but it brandishes the stereotype of the GOP that I hold out as my perception that has now anecdotally been made reality right in my face.

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