Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Missing Piece of Health Care Puzzle

Now, his "series" is not yet over, but Bonefield's stories on the rise in health care costs are missing something. His articles so far do not mention de-mutualization of insurance companies. This is where they become full tilt corporation out for the profit of share holders, instead of for policy holders.

My health insurance has risen in cost about 20%+ percent PER YEAR over the last 4 years. I went from paying $58 a month, up to $120 dollars a month over about 5 years (my numbers are approximate). This was not cause by malpractice insurance. There have not been increases in costs that much over the last 5 years in court settlements. We are not going to see our costs go down if we cap tort settlements.

Someone is gouging the American public. Whether it is the HMO or the Insurance company or the doctors or health care manufacturers, I don't know. I do not it is not because of lawyers. 20% a year is not caused by 1,000,000 settlements or doing X-ray's. HMO's have strict rules as to what tests are run on a patient. If it falls outside the guidelines they have to justify it. Those guidelines are not something causing costs to rise, they are keeping HMO's costs down. They may or may not be bringing down the level of care, but that is a different issue.

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