Sunday, October 17, 2004

Cincinnati is Bigoted Towards Gays

When reading the results of SurveyUSA poll there is no other conclusion to draw other than Cincinnati is bigoted towards gays. When 57% think homosexuals should not be raising children, then yes we have a bigoted town. What is so sad, is that people don't see this to be wrong. Those 57% think they are doing something "right." This is why people fight for gay rights. This is why I believe that homosexuals are being discriminated against. They are allowed to exists. They are not allowed to be full citizens of the city or the state or the country. A large majority of Republicans and way too many Democrats are guilty of supporting anti-homosexual laws like Article XII. Phil Burress is not an aberration. He has a following of theocratic bigots that are trying to vote in their religious belief into law. We have a long way to go to make homosexuals equal under the law and in the eyes of this community. With this level of bigotry, I fear it will be a long time before homosexuals can move beyond just existing and living full lives like everyone else.

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