Monday, October 11, 2004

Bush's Silver Spoon Rears Its Ugly Head

Carl Weiser reports that Bush was touting his Ohio 'roots' whileon yet another campaign stop in the state:
Bush's great-grandfather, Samuel Bush, was president of Buckeye Steel Castings Co. from 1905 to 1927 and a founder of the Scioto Country Club. Buckeye Steel is no more - it filed for bankruptcy in 2002 and is now Columbus Steel Castings - but the Scioto Country Club is still going strong.
The man from Crawford, Texas, but really from New England, now pushes his Ohio roots. Where's the consistency?

One thing is consistent, Bush comes from a long line of rich people. Founding Country Clubs is a great thing to show how he connects to the average worker. I wonder how many union-busting thugs Samuel Bush hired to beat down steel workers back when that was normal for steel barons.

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  1. I would just like to let the people of Ohio know that President Bush is not just claiming "roots" to Ohio. If anyone would check out the information, they would find out that his ancestors were in Ohio with the first settlers of Ohio, as early as the beginning of the 1800's. One of his ancestors left England and came to OHIO. All of this information can be verified by the Ohio Historical Society and at many other sources dealing with genealogy. If the media choses to print and air information that has not been fully researched, I would hope that all of the public on the web would use the information available to them and do better. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and I expect better from Mr. Weiser and Ohio in general.


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