Sunday, October 10, 2004

Not Even Conservative Fox News

I don't think that conservative FOX News would be this partisan in its programming, and for a network as biased as Fox that is saying something. The FOX broadcast network has generally kept to entertainment and has not let the news division interfere with its programming. Newscorp, after all, has to make a buck.

What would the usual suspects (right wing bloggers: i.e. Instahack) be saying if say Raycom was going to Air a Michael Moore Film on its stations the night before the election? We would be hearing the calls of bias and calls for Raycom to have all of their broadcast licenses revoked. Here we have Sinclair doing the same thing, from their side, and we hear nothing from the right. That is expected, but it shows how bias is only in the eye of the partisan. If you hear what you want to hear, then it is not biased in the mind of conservatives.

Kevin Drum has more along with Atrios.

The LA Times has the details.

Let local Sinclair station WB64 know what you think about this unprecedented action bordering on campaign contribution. Tell them objectivity is a goal that can't be achieved when you do one side's bidding.

Phone: 513-641-4400
Contact "local talent" and ask if they agree with their corporations tactics.
KOS has the info about contacting Sinclair directly.

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