Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Let the Lies of Bigots Begin!

Well, this is not the start but the Zenith of lies from the anti-homosexual crowd pushing another level of theocracy on the state. Their goal is to make homosexuals subhuman, denying them every possible person right or protection any lawmaker could give them. Phil Burress is out to rid the state of gays. Burress is nothing but a theocratic fascist. He and his minions, which include the likes of Carl Linder and Anthony Munoz, hate gays and want to crush their lives so badly that they leave the city and the state.

Hyperbole you ask? Am I overstating things? No, I am not. If I has said genocide was going on, that would have been hyperbole in this case. Here we have a group of people who do not like gays, do not support freedom for gays to be full citizens of the United States or of Ohio.

They also are out to limit the rights of unmarried heterosexuals, but hey, they are living in sin!!!! Let's smite them! Down into the pits of HELL all ye Heathens must go! We can't stand two adults living together who don't get permission from Jesus!!!! We must stamp out all sex!

Ok, that was hyperbole. Or was it?

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