Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Failing Logic

Paula Charles writes in a Letter to the Editor:
Miami deserves to lose federal funds

While I applaud the editors of the Enquirer for chastising officials at Miami University for their failure to comply with the Campaign Security Act ('Miami's failure to notify disgraceful,' Oct 9), I do disagree with the Enquirer's stance on possible punishment facing Miami. How else can the university collectively be effectively punished beyond monetary sanctions? If students cannot be assured that convicted sex offenders will not be welcomed back with open arms to a campus, then what good is federal funding unless it is used to issues firearms to sexual assault victims?

Paula Charles
Mount Washington
So, students should have to pay more because of the elimination of school funding or worse yet, the school reduces security funding because of the loss of Federal money? While I agree that officials need to be punished, how can she logically think that cutting funding of the school will help anyone? How would a girl being date rapped benefit from having a gun in her purse or her dorm room while she is drugged by her attacker? Also, what good do guns do to victims of the crime? You are a victim of the crime after the crime takes place. I hope Ms. Charles was not suggesting that sexual assault victim resort to vigilante justice as a resolution.

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