Monday, October 18, 2004

Grossmann on the Fringe of the Right-Wing

David Grossmann is running for County Commissioner. How the media not seen fit to mention his support for Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky? He gave his support to build it. He is a Creation Museum reference board member.

Now what does this matter do you ask? Well, his religious beliefs do not matter. He has very little power to push a Christian Crusade from the County Commission. What his beliefs in the Creation Museum show are in my opinion a sense of bad judgment bordering on delusions. Yes, he was a judge too. I wonder how much he agrees with Roy Moore of Alabama. Now, don't get all in huff for me calling him delusional for his beliefs. I am not harping on his brand of extreme Christianity. I am harping on people who based on a delusion believe the Earth is only about 6,000 years old. I am harping on people who believe evolution is racism. I am harping on nut cases like Ken Ham who are not living in a reality that sane humans can comprehend.

Grossmann provided support for Ken Ham's fringe group. That may not mean he fully buys into all of his beliefs. One really odd thing is that Grossmann's church has a website with password protected members section. What are they keeping private?

How could people consciously vote for this guy? Why would they support the fringe of the GOP? Well, unless you are on the fringe of the GOP.

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