Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bronson: Good, Bad, and Well, Typical Bronson

Bronson, who is doing what his column title (Scary attempts to influence your votes) say, shows a mix of good and bad information. He surprises us with an honest presentation of the stupid mailer Carl Parrott mailed out to voters, showing mostly black felons who will not be voting for challenger O'dell Owens. According to Bronson Parrot made a post card similar to this page on his website. Bronson actually had a good piece with a comment from Owens:
Parrott said the flier emphasizes that, unlike Owens, he is a forensic pathologist who has produced evidence to solve crimes. "It's not about race, it's about crime,'' he said.

Owens said it's a reach for Parrott to take credit for what the police and prosecutor do. "I think it was just poor judgment,'' he said. "I don't interpret it as racist. I just wonder what has this got to do with the coroner's race?''

Good question. We don't need CSI to tell us the coroner's ads scare voters stiff.
Now on next matter Bronson was bad, up to his usual tricks, but with a twist. I would guess either he read Nathan Colvin's column from last week or both got their talking points from David Horowitz, or another anti-intellectual conservative. We have dogma that professors are bad. I wonder if we were to go to a Conservative school, other than Miami, where religion or puritanical issues are pushed by professors in class and go unchallenged. I would bet in a few business classes at Miami we would see professors saying Kerry's election will kill the market or raise "your taxes" where "your" is the parents of the rich kids who make up a large portion of Miami's student body.

I guess those issues where students are being scared into voting for Kerry are so effective, but when Cheney says if you vote for Kerry the terrorists will strike again. That is just honest far rhetoric, without a any sense of fear mongering.

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