Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Shuttlesworth Shame

In a letter to the editor:
Supporting Article XII lessens Shuttlesworth

Nothing will ever change the fact that the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth has done our nation great service with his courageous stands for the rights of African-Americans ('Gay-rights sides target black vote,' Oct. 14).

But has the reverend no sense of irony? As he stands in opposition to the repeal of Article XII, he aligns himself with direct-line descendants of the right wing, clergy-backed groups who fought so hatefully and bitterly against his cause in the '60s.

These right-wingers - fronted in Cincinnati today by Citizens for Community Values - have not changed their stripes. And in joining CCV to encourage continued discrimination against gays, the once-great reverend looks sadly small.

John C. Brennan
Freedom knows no sexual orientation. Freedom is not exclusive to one sect of religion. Freedom and equality are for all humans. Vote YES on Issue 3.

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