Saturday, August 23, 2003

Yet Another Bronson Hack Job: Redskins Today, Redskins Tomorrow, Redskins Forever
A few notes to Peter Bronson on his column.

1. I have to wonder where your self rule for school districts went? The school Board in Anderson Township acted. Guess what? If the residents of that school district don't like what happened they can be voted out. I would like to remind him of something else. I bet the entire school board in Anderson are REPUBLICANS, so he should call his masters at the county GOP and complain.

2. Does Peter really think "liberal" is an insult? Well no, it is not an insult, unless you call a conservative one, so keep us out of your inter party crusades.

3. I also have to point out one PC thing that Peter seems to miss: THE FUCKING CCV AND PHIL BURRESS!!!!!!!! Where are attacks on Phil and his army of fascists out to rid this city of all things "objectionable?" Oh wait you are part of that army. You are a firm believer of "do what I say, not what I do." Political Correctness is bad when liberals do it, but when a pious theocrat goes on a tirade you stand up and cheer. Hypocrisy to the extreme.

4. Your direct line to the Miami College Republicans goes back years. I wonder if you have ever even met anyone else not a Republican from Miami. Well your buddy Brad Beckett brought up an interesting point:
"There are professional folks who go around the country whipping up political correctness," Beckett said. "It was swift and silent."
Now who else goes around the country whipping up PC cries? Well just go visit the crowd standing outside the Alabama Supreme Court and you will see religious zealots from all over the country sticking their noses in to Alabama’s pot. Now, where's the outrage for Theocrat Judge Moore Peter? I will not be surprised to read Peter's Sunday Column to find him defending Judge Moore, but I think instead he will use this a reason for confirming AG Pryor of Alabama to the Federal Court. I would bet Peter might even say this proves Pryor is fit to serve. Pryor will be investigating Moore for defying a Federal Court. This is politically convenient for Moore, who has been criticized for his views on religion in government, which are basically the same as Moore.

Bottom line: Don't piss into the wind. In this case, I am the wind and I am pissing back.

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