Friday, August 29, 2003

A Cadaver Search?
A little birdie sent me an email today with a link to the Gannett's job postings. The Cincinnati Enquirer is seeking a writer, copy editor, designer, and assistant editor "for its soon-to-be-launched weekly publication targeting readers age 25-34. "

I am torn. If they had an opening specifically for a "blogger", I would updating my resume as we speak, but I just do see this publication being anything other than "Enquirer lite". If they are only adding 1 writer, does that mean that most of the content will be wire copy or syndicated articles from other Gannett papers? Will they be just sponging off the rest of the main paper's staff for most of the local content? I am still not seeing the added value to Cincinnatians, especially us 25-34 year olds.

In case someone at the Enquirer is reading this (which at least one or two do) a serious suggestion: Create a separate web page for the new weekly publication, separate from, but make original online content. Make it a "group blog". Let all of the Age 35 and under writers at the main paper post their "unedited" comments on whatever topics they want. This works great for the Dallas Morning News Editorial Page staff. To maintain control hire a blog editor to keep the blog in check, filter out the daft commenters, and keep it up-to-date. Now, who has experience editing a blog? (cough, cough)

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