Sunday, August 24, 2003

Bronson's Almost Correct
What, no 10 commandments? I guess his editors wanted him to stick to local issues. Today he gnaws on Damon Lynch III. I have to say that I agree with many of Peter's points. I really hate that, but Lynch's candidacy begs many questions, which Peter raises, but Lynch poorly answers.

1. How can a man who owns 2 homes, had to move into the city to run for office, and drives a nice car really feel he can speak for the poor better than the Democrats? (Peter's ad hominem attack on the "tax and spend" Dems was his token propaganda for the day)

2. How can a person leading a boycott against a city then become one of its political offices in charge of bettering the city? Will Lynch renounce the boycott if he wins? If he does not make that pledge before hand, how can anyone trust him? How can a council candidate advocate harming the city? Does that violate his oath?

3. How does a person who demands Cincinnati Public Schools teach an "Afro-centric" curriculum not be considered at least a bigot? Do immigrants from Australia require and "Oceanian-centric" curriculum?

I am surprised Peter did not push the Pete Witte position on the validity of Lynch's city residentcy. It will be interesting to measure the level of positive vs. negative media attention Lynch will get this fall. The Buzz will be giving him basically free advertising that should be investigated if it is not considered an in-kind contribution. WLW will bash him at every chance. The local TV will ask the question "what election?" The papers will give the most mixed coverage. I can see both the Post & Enquirer bashing Lynch while giving him tons of space to voice his opinions. XRay Magazine will of course be fair and balanced. This blog will likely be negative on Lynch. I don't see what good his candidacy can brings, except entertainment value to us political junkies.

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