Friday, August 22, 2003

Boycott B Shut Out of Council Race?
According to the Enquirer the 26 council candidates to officially file include:

Democrats: Howard Bond, Samuel Britton, Y. Laketa Cole, John Cranley, David Crowley, David Pepper, Alicia Reece

Republicans: John Connelly, Terry Deters, Pat DeWine, Leslie Ghiz, Tom Jones, Sam Malone, Chris Monzel, Barbara Trauth,
Pete Witte

Charterites: John Schlagetter, Cristopher Smitherman, Nick Spencer, Jim Tarbell

Independents: Larry J. Frazier, Brian Garry, Glenn Givens Sr., Marilyn Hyland, Damon Lynch III, Eric Wilson

Who is missing? Hal Mckinney and William Kirkland. Mr. Kirkland is a member of Boycott B and his own personal extremist group. He is a regular member of the clown posse who infests city council meetings. I know he was getting signatures, Glenn Givens even said he signed Kirkland's petition. Kirkland made the ballot in 2001, so I am actually surprised he did not make it this year.

Next Wednesday the Board of Elections will make the ballot official. At that point we will confirm if all 26 people got 500 valid signatures.

The Enquirer also reports here on other races and issues in Hamilton County.

UPDATE: The Post gives an additional summary along with word that the GOP may challenge Lynch's residency. Also a Post Story on Larry Frazier's signature problems and a new allegation of misuse of public equipment for political purposes.

UPDATE#2: Wes Flinn has some comments on one of the issue from the Post article, the disolving of the village of North Bend, birth place of Miami University's own Benjamin Harrison, as well the grave site for Ben's Grandfather William Henry Harrison.

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