Saturday, August 23, 2003

Trouble for Lynch?
The residency controversy involving Council Candidate Damon Lynch III is heating up. Republican candidate Pete Witte is pushing the issue of Lynch's residency. Witte is questioning the validity of Lynch's change in residency to East Price Hill. The laws here are odd. The city only requires 30 days, but a state law indicates that a married couple must share the same residence, unless they are separated. The Post reports that Lynch's kids go to Princeton school, not Cincinnati Public. Now, doesn't at least one parent have to live in Princeton district for his kids to be allowed to go to that school with out some kind of special tuition or does property ownership over rule that? Are the kids able to claim self-residency because of where they reside?

Witte is pushing the issue because Lynch is high on the list to make it on council. Witte is one of two GOP candidates thought by many to have a good shot to get on council, along with Leslie Ghiz. Witte seeks two things here, to either force Lynch out of the race (or tarnished enough to not be a factor) or to paint him as an outsider to gain more west side support.

More from the Enquirer (2nd item).

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