Wednesday, August 13, 2003

A Sting, Not a Plot
Josh Marshall writes on the arrest of weapons smugglers and points that there was no "plot" against America, this was a sting operation. There were no terrorists involved, just faux ones. Now, where is the righty bloggers attack on the media for spinning the story?.........I am waiting.............opps, my bad. The story that was spun favors the Bush Administration and favors the positions taken by rightwing bloggers, so we can't expect them to cut off their own heads now, even though it would mean good journalism. Consistency in reporting is subjective so, we can't expect them to point out everything now can we? They spend their time watching to see if the New York Times' spelling is correct, so facts in other outlets are just as important as spelling at the Times.

I wonder if the righty bloggers are going to post on the Franken-Fox story. A few of them have made comments, but if CNN was suing Ann Coulter, war would be declared and Ted Turner would be burned at the stake. Yes, even though he no longer works for CNN or AOL-Time Warner. It would be that big of a deal. Blogging history would be made. Blog Harbor? Bridge Over the River Blog? I can see the movie version now. Andrew Sullivan battling Aaron Brown in a space station with laser pointers.

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