Tuesday, August 26, 2003

CPS Students MIA
Everyone on talk radio today had something to say about this here in Cincinnati. It is a big problem that solely rests on the shoulders of the parents of the kids not in school. No one can be blamed in the future for not teaching their kids, when their kids were not there to be taught.

I am happy for once the conservatives are not blaming the schools, which is the normal whipping boy. Schools can't force kids to come to school, parents and the police must do it.

The only problem I have with the number is it validity. Does this number account for kids who are at different schools or move out of the district? From the Enquirer's article:
Of 39,784 students expected to show up for school, 30,492 made it to class, according to figures called in by each school. The rate of attendance for last year's first day was not immediately available.
What qualifies as a student "expected" to show for school? I wonder if they will publish attendance for the following days? Will the total number of kids change? Something is missing, but when has a press release every told the whole story?

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