Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Damon Lynch III to Run for City Council
Lincoln Ware reported on his radio program that Damon Lynch III is running for Cincinnati City Council. A press conference is scheduled at this hour (10:00 AM) with an official announcement.

This shakes up the race and messes up my debut of Vigilancia Politica (tongue in cheek). At this point he will only be an Independent candidate and only has until Thursday to get the signatures needed to get on the ballot. Lynch reportedly will be on air with Lincoln on the Buzz after his press conference.

UPDATE: Lynch on the Buzz stated that he will be working until 4 PM on Thursday to gain signatures. This sounds like a truly last minute push. He appears to have Ken Lawson in his corner. Will that be source of funding?

UPDATE#2: Media Round up - Enquirer, Post, WCPO, and WLWT. The big news that needs more attention is from the Post's story:
It remains unclear how Lynch, who works in Cincinnati but lives in Forest Park, will qualify for city residency to seek office.
Would he consider sharing an apartment with Nate Livingston?

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