Monday, August 25, 2003

Garnering Attention?
Former assistant police chief Ron Twitty got a sweet deal for admitting he was not totally forthright about an incident with his police issued vehicle after it was damaged. Now a police sergeant faces similar action. Unlike Twitty, this officer quit the next day. An investigation is still pending. I wonder the reaction. Will she play the race card? Well, she is white, so I doubt that. She could play the sex card, but that does not get as much media attention. I would guess she will not be getting a nice retirement deal for being at fault, unlike Mr. Twitty. I guess equity is subjective. Will the CBUF support her? Will Candidate Lynch come out to support her? Will her community rally around her for being oppressed by the "man"? I doubt it. She deserves to be prosecuted under the law and could still face punishment.

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