Sunday, August 24, 2003

CCV Letter in Enquirer?
This letter (last) from today's Enquirer laments Maggie Downs' Dustin Flynt Column:
What's so charming about young Flynt?

Whatever college that reporter Maggie Downs received her journalism degree from needs to beef up the curriculum with a few classes in logic.

Her Metro section front-page story ["He's a different Flynt off the old stone," Aug. 22] extolling pornographer Dustin Flynt's charm, diligence, and commitment to his work as virtues that should somehow elevate him to the level of being "just like all other young, thriving entrepreneurs" is a new low in journalistic taste - not to mention an insult to all young, thriving entrepreneurs with a conscience.

It's a shame that, as a younger man, Dustin once had to bear a stigma for the actions of his family; however, his choice as an adult has been to dive head first into the family cesspool instead of walking away from it.

This charming, committed, diligent, polished "entrepreneur" makes his living in an industry that exploits women and appeals to our basest instincts.

What exactly is it that Maggie finds redeeming and charming about that, and what makes her think we want to choke down such drivel with our morning coffee?

Interesting to note that the article lauding young Flynt was juxtaposed with one lambasting the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for not acting severely enough in the case of a priest who was allowed to remain in ministry after undergoing treatment for alcoholism and sexual issues.

Someone who has presumably been treated, faced and resolved his issues, and gone on to a life of helping others might be worth reading about, but then again, a story like that might take looking below the surface and considering the truth.

Bob Furia, School counselor, West Chester

Two questions arise, How long has Bob been a supporter of the CCV? (yes, a leading question your honor) Was printing this letter either an appeasement to the factions at the paper that did not want this column published or was printing a letter like this part of the deal made with Maggie to allow the column to run? What I found odd was how person the letter got with Maggie. Bob Furia was down right belittling Maggie. This coming from a school counselor, or what I used to call a school guidance counselor, often considered the low man on the educationally qualified totem pole. Well, if Bob can get personal, why can't I?

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