Monday, August 11, 2003

Talent for a Melee
I don't understand how this kind of thing can happen again. How is there not enough adult supervision to control a crowd of teenagers that large from getting out of control? I think the venue chosen for the "talent show" put on by a group called "Putting' Cincinnati on the Map" was poorly chosen. High School Dances are not held in a public square where the kids can come and go, and any troublemaker can get in. Poor planning led to a disgraceful outcome. I wish the kids were better behaved, but who puts on such an event in the middle of downtown? I hope planners of the Black Family Reunion learned from their mistakes last year. All statements indicate they did and will be prepared to handle the kids. I hope so. Image is a shallow thing, but it can matter, and a wild bunch of kids running through town is not a good image for a Family Reunion event.

Why didn't the Enquirer have an article on this story?

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