Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Lynch Not Certified for Ballot
Damon Lynch is not yet certified by the Hamilton County Board of Elections. On September 5th the board will meet to decide the fate of Lynch's candidacy. All 25 other candidates will be on the ballot.

Lynch's troubles seem to be mounting. The Whistleblower Newswire alleges that one of his children goes to Walnut Hills High School and claims the East Price Hills address as his home address, but uses the Woodlawn house’s phone number. Is this in jest or fact? Would Lynch be committing a crime if he pretended to live in East Price Hills to avoid paying tuition to Walnut Hills for his child? If nothing else, if Lynch did not pay tuition for his child, would the school board now be able to collect? Would they even investigate these allegations? If these allegations are true, why are they not in the newspapers? Mike McConnell of WLW today commented on other "facts" he had, as in a reference to utility bills. Mike wondered if Lynch would just get a pass. Well, if Mike has the story, when will it be in print? When will WKRC-TV run it? I will be watching for it.

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