Monday, January 30, 2006

Mallory's Meetings

What's the deal with the concern over meetings? I am at a loss here. How is this a big deal. Caucus meetings are a means of government that I had always assumed went on with council members. I assumed incorrectly. I very much agree with sunshine laws.

What looks bad here is that council meetings as of late have been very short, no debate or discussion. Is that good government?

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  1. Mallory said time & again, repeatedly, during the debates that City Hall & it's governmental processes where going to be wide open. The voting & tax paying public would be kept in the loop on everything that takes place.

    Guess what? He lied.

    This time, the folks at the Enquirer are spot on & I'm certainly glad they've answered the question on many minds about these extremely short committee meetings.


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