Monday, December 05, 2005

Cranley Making News, Already

One place Steve Chabot is going to really suffer is John Cranley's ability to make the newspaper constantly where he can drop moderate or even quasi-conservative viewpoints like this:
"We need a real energy policy to make us independent of Middle Eastern oil. We need to bring the deficit down and not give corporate welfare to oil companies making record-high profits. We need to improve our homeland security.

"None of this is being done four years after 9-11. That really is the fault of Congress and needs to be changed. Steve Chabot is part of the program - the things that John McCain talked about. He has gone along with the program."
Chabot is going to need to be back in town all the time. Cranley can just be Councilman, doing something for the community, while we never hear Chabot's name. Cranley needs to stay away from any negative city story, but be out in front of every other city story. He then needs to find a way to break deeper into the West side and Butler County. The formula exists, he just needs to find out what it is, and replicate it.

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  1. Brian, why do you energy independence quasi-conservative? Even invoking McCain isn't really conservative, since you missed the first part of the quote:
    "John McCain said Washington, which is run by his party, has become a corrupt town," said Cranley. "There are too many problems that this country, and particularly Cincinnati, faces that are in need of better leadership to solve."

    Personally, I agree with Cranley and McCain that Washington Republicans have corrupted national politics and I welcome more Republicans to call their party on its ongoing corruption.


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