Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Voter ID Proposal

Of those who are pushing to require ID to vote, who is against either a National ID card and more importantly automatic voter registration when you get your driver's license or state ID? If they are, then it is clear they are all about keeping certain voters from voting.

Automatic registration would work wonderfully. You would be forced to ask to not be registered to vote, kind of negative registration. Additionally, you would be allowed to vote where you are registered inside the state, if you have your ID. This would increase the registration rolls and any fraud could be easily traced via the state BMV database. Adding this type of provision is the only fair way to use ID in the voting process. Without it and it is unfair.

It is clearly an attempt by the GOP to keep poor people and more importantly minorities from voting. It is a GOP tactic to reduce voting. The CW is that the lower the turnout, the better the GOP does. It is very sad that the GOP is forced to do this, but no surprising. What I want to know, how many voter fraud cases have been prosecuted in the last year? How much evidence of fraud exists? If it exists now, why is it not prosecuted? The likely reason is that there are "things" happening that no one wants to prosecute, because some of their friends my get fined and kicked out of politics. Those instances are more of a wife' tale, but it is great way for the GOP to hit the Democratic base via the back door of race/nationality, without having to overtly appear to be bigoted.

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