Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mayor: Buck Stops Here

Yep, the mayor said it or something close.
Enquirer: "So who's the person that pulls all of that together?"

Mallory: "OK. That's going to be me. Let me be real clear about this. It's going to be me. Because a lot of what I'm hearing around the table is, it's basically a commitment to the same conversation that I have been having over the last several months. It's about each entity, each person having to do their part. It obviously takes a person to coordinate that. It takes a person to send the message that it's what has to happen. I have said consistently each of us has a responsibility. Each of us has a role to play."
Like it or not, this is going to be the issue upon which Mayor Mallory will be judged.

In the print Enquirer, they run a huge package on gun violence issues. You can find all the related stories in the link above, just look at the right of the page. (This is one way that print is still superior to the Web: big packages are easier to lay out in print.)

The redacted version: gun violence is way up (duh) and we need a multi-faceted approach to solve it (duh, duh). All right. No more snark.

Some observations:
1. It's probably a sign of how good ER is in this town that they number of shootings is way up and the murder rate is not climbing at the same rate. That's just a guess, and we'd love to see some support for that.
2. They talk a little bit about a new jail, but that's not a big part of the article. Are we keeping shooters off the street? Or are we limited by the jail limits? Aren't most violent criminals in the state prison system? What about drug treatment? Are those enough questions about jails?
3. Also, drug-related violence is a big part of the shootings problem. But, this statement seems to make people feel better about their chances without addressing the whole problem. It's not as though innocent bystanders don't get shot. So, communities with drug problems have huge problems. So, if that's the case...
4. Why aren't communities more involved? Give Mayor Mallory credit for calling out lack of community involvement. But is it fear of police, a community-wide us-against-them mentality? What's going on?
5. Just look at the clusters. We don't have anything else to say about that.

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