Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another Puff Piece

What is it with the local media doing constant puff pieces about extreme religious nut cases? There is no criticism about the delusional people at Answers In Genesis in the article. The even dare call people working there "Scientists." Where did they get their education and who, if anyone accredited them?

I know there are plenty of conservative Christians around here, but are there that many who are stupid enough to think the Earth is less than 10,000 years old? That many who really want to read a puff piece about these idiots?

Where's the puff piece on a local office of Planned Parenthood? They actually do good works. Ken Ham's clan is out making people ignorant, and his groups gets the Post's pat on the back. Just a little balance would be nice. Hell, in the Planned Parenthood piece I propose I would expect a similar type of opposing view present, not as a focus, but acknowledging some would not agree with what they do. In the case of Answers in Genesis, I hope most don't buy their extreme views on the age of the earth or of evolution, making criticism not only valid but imperative.

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