Tuesday, December 06, 2005

As the Council Turns

For those of you who can't get enough of the Mallory-Crowley kerkuffel (and there are clearly a few of you die-hards who keep posting on this dying warhorse of a story), Korte has posted his (hopefully) final word on the whole fiasco. Korte's two questions are:

1. How is this a report if they didn't really meet?
2. On the document, Crowley's name has been added after the fact to the signatory list. Of course, he's also listed as being vice-chair on page three, which makes it look like they just added page 4 to the revised list.

Answer to 1: Don't think of it as a report; it's a motion to council on committees. In the Rules of Council, the mayor appoints chairs, but the council votes on committee members and vice-chairs. So, what this is is a full slate of members for all the positions that will presumably be approved by a voice vote at council. (Since we were not at the first meeting, it would seem based on press reports that the only votes were on Tarbell as vice-mayor and Cole as president pro tem. What does the president pro tem do, you ask? Not much, honestly, but she's third in line to the Big Chair... If this is the case, the committees get approved at the next meeting. If you were there, say something in comments.) Is it a violation of sunshine laws? Not as long as you think of it as a motion, not as a report. After all, if all the assumptions are correct, and Council has yet to appoint the committee, then Rules Committee doesn't exist right now; therefore, this isn't a report and can't be a report. Instead, it's a motion that can (and will) be passed by Council at next meeting (presumably, after asking consent to suspend the rules and vote immediately on the motion), along with the new rules.

Answer to 2: Who cares, really? If it makes this story go away faster, then wonderful. (If it's a lousy story, then why are we writing about it? Why not? That's what blogs are for, right?)

Also, there's one thing that Korte doesn't call out--on the "report", Crowley is listed as vice-chair of both Neighborhoods and Health/Education/Recreation on the PDF of the report.

After all Crowley's email supposedly read:
I learned tonight that Mayor-Elect Mark Mallory choose not to give me a chairmanship position on ANY City Council Committee for the term starting tomorrow. In fact, Mallory did not even recommend me for the vice-chair position of the committee I currently chair.
Read the whole "report" if you're interested in how the committees break down.

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