Friday, December 02, 2005

Club Clueless

Classist, snobs, pretentious idiots. That is what came to mind when I read about The Continental Lounge. In a city where we are striving for some sense of common good, common development, and common futures comes a club seeking to suck out what little vibrancy we have here in town and lock it in their own little world. “Cool” is the combination of selfishness, greed, and being fickle. It sure can be fun, but when you cut it off behind a big velvet rope, you are no longer cool, you are dicks.

The good thing about this club is that I know where it is and I know where not to go. The old adage about not wanted to join a club that would have me as a member is flipped on its head. People who want to join this type of club really should think about leaving town. Seriously, you are no good to this city/region if you can't stand in line with the rest of us for a beer or you can't bare to wait 15 minutes for a table.

Call it the creeping in of a Midwestern sensibility into my mind, but I really can't stand this type of thing. Places like the Banker's Club are around town and they have been here for years. They don’t creep into life much. They add little, but don’t take away much. They are the Little Rascals Clubhouse for those who are seeking to be rich or thought of as rich. They have a purpose, but they are viewed as stale uber-establishment venues. They reek with social order, the adult version of high school popular kids. The bottom line is that they have been here, don’t matter, and won’t matter. A new “club” whose entire purpose is to keep people out of it, hurts the region. I can honestly say I hope it fails, and my conscious is better for that hope. When Dick & Jane VIP wannabe shell out their limited money to join this group, thinking they will become cool for having $2,500 to waste, and then realizing that when the place closes its doors and their membership closes with it, being "cool" like being respected is earned, not purchased. I hope they only used play money.

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