Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nate Turns on Mallory, Kinda

It didn't take long for Nate to come out and criticize the Mayor. He may have done so before, but here he is making it close to a race issue. Nate seems to be making it more of a religion issue. I guess an attack on a religious institution by random strangers is no big deal, but when someone is killed at a party, and little apparent cooperation from those who were there, that should get the FBI going. Never mind the fact that terrorism and murder are looked at differently. Never mind that the FBI rarely ever opens an investigation on the State crime of murder. Nate is doing his usual, fanning the flame of racial division. He appears to want outrage over a murder that has failed to outrage those in attendance enough to come forward and help catch the criminals responsible for the horrible crime. If the community doesn’t care, why would the media or public officials? The police are doing what they can. If they don't get leads, they can't do much. Announcing a big investigation is only a dog and pony show for the press anyway. If the Mosque bombers are caught, it will not be because of a massive investigation, it will be because they were stupid and left evidence behind.

The media is lazy, remember. If they can't get the family to come on camera and cry, they don't push the story. See the WCPO story that only aired because it had pictures. No video, no eyeballs. WCPO and the other local TV stations treat viewers like trained dogs. Viewers unfortunately give them reason to.

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