Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top Cincinnati Stories of 2005

Well, that's it for another one. The Enquirer lists their top local stories and the limit it to 5. They failed to cover many other important stories. These may or may not have gotten the level of press coverage the should have, but I believe these stories were the most significant in city and the region. Everyone had their chance to voice their top lists. Here are my top local stories for 2005.
  1. The election of Mark Mallory as Mayor. New leadership brings with it a chance for an improved image of the city.
  2. The election of a centrist, slightly right leaning City Council. This might make for a better run city, but one where racial division is not reduced.
  3. Fountain Square rehab and the Banks Project Collapse. 3CDC looks good, and the county government looks inept.
  4. Paul Hackett's showing in a GOP stronghold. He should have been trounced, but he showed that many conservatives are not pleased with the GOP and want change. Senator Hackett is not a pipe dream, it is a strong possibility.
  5. Railcar styrene leak and the evacuation that followed. Someone is going out of business over this one.
  6. WHO-DEY: The Bengals making the playoffs. This is important for a simple thing that will make a big difference in 2006, increased civic pride.
  7. Jean Schmidt's shameful attack of Rep. Murtha. Schmidt is a disgrace. She will have a tough time getting the GOP nomination.
  8. Bob Taft pleas guilty to crime. This was a first for a sitting governor who has the lowest poll rating of any governor in polling history.
  9. Councilman Sam Malone charged with beating his son. A thug should not be on council. He nearly got reelected. That is a sad case of a misinformed electorate or a nutty one that approves of beating your son with a belt.
  10. The firing of Bob Huggins. Cleaning up college sports should be the most important goal of all Division I University. UC may not win tournaments, but they have improved the ethical standards of their sports program 1000%.
So what did I leave off that should have made it or what did I list that should not have made my top ten?

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