Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bigotry Tree Grows in Springdale

Suckers are born every minute, but these idiots were not wiped clean of placenta. I have to laugh at how ignorant people are. It is so very say at the same time though. This is not about free speech. The denials in opposition to that simple truth are not only lacking in creativity, but in credibility. You can't yell fire in a crowded theater. You can't threaten bodily harm on someone. You can't discriminate against people. The last one is not really speech, but hell, ignorance about what they are really talking about takes too long to explain to them, so I shall digress

(Maybe not) I also don't want to quibble with conservatives on constitutional law, but I will. They are the literalists here, after all. This is not about "Speech." This is at best about the freedom of the "press" is it not? Or is personal expression protected under the law? I don't see that written in the Constitution, now do I? It is there under case law, thankfully, but once again the hypocrisy of conservatives doesn't fail to impress me.

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  1. I have a couple of comments:

    Has anyone ever heard of the Republican Noise Machine? It's been running quite successfully since late in the Clinton era and continues to run unabated. I hardly think there's much of a liberal press left for people to be brainwashed by.

    It's funny these hillbillies put this sign up, but I'd bet a bottom dollar they'd be happy to take a Mexican or non-English-speaking customer's $4.00 for an ice-cold Bud - also known as piss in a bottle. Where's the hypocrisy in that?

    Someone posted "learn our customs and language." What a joke! This country was founded by people from England and ever since then, it's grown to include people from many different countries. And that's not even including the Native Americans who lived here hundreds of years before that. Have any of you morons heard of the term "melting pot?"

    If the yokel 'natis can't accept people - all people - from many different countries, don't come to the nation's capital. I live there now, after having grown up in Hicksville, and now I know why Cincinati has always been considered a joke.


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