Sunday, December 04, 2005

John Cranley for Congress

City Council top vote getter John Cranley has taken an unsurprising move, but still one that carries a sense of oomph when you read it in print.  This a great move for Cranley and for the Democrats.  Every race should be contested and in this case Cranley has more than just a shot, he stands a good chance of winning.

The GOP faithful may think that this district is a safe one.  Well, it is safe when the Dems run a mainstream liberal like Greg Harris. Greg was a great candidate, but he hit bad timing when running against the fear campaign of 2004.  The district wasn’t ready for a candidate like him.

Cranley is a far different Democrat than Harris.  Cranley is anti-abortion, which on the Westside is more important than where you stand on taxes, foreign policy, and even gay rights.  District 1 is a conservative district, but it is not as Republican as District 2 is, and there a socially “liberal” (He is moderate for Dems, but liberal for GOPers) Democrat, Paul Hackett, came very close to beating what turned out to be a horrible candidate in Jean Schmidt.

Cranley will make it difficult for people like Pete Witte to vote again him.  Witte will support Steve Chabot, he is a good party guy, but he will not stand for the trashing Cranley by Chabot’s campaign or by the RNC.  The people of this district, at least the City residents, know Cranley, and like him.  Chabot will not be able to attack Cranley and tar him with the national political issues, as is the norm for congressional races.  In this case the politics is indeed all local.  Chabot has not been around much, Cranley has been here and been getting elected easily.  Chabot is going to need a lot of money and big media buys to beat Cranley.  He will likely get that, but if Cranley can match him, he will win.


  1. Cranley has gained a lot of support since. He's also been all over national TV bashing Bush and Chabot.

    Check this out from MSNBC:

    Cranley has this race won already!

  2. Cranley! Quit putting your signs in my yard and in every rental property down Glenway with out permission.

  3. As a woman, I will NEVER support a Democratic candidate who doesn't support my right to make decisions about my own body!! Mr. Cranley is anti-choice, for those who don't know. Much as it pains me, I'd rather see the Republican win and have a chance to toss him out next time with a REAL Democrat who supports women's rights.


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